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The Forty-Seven Percent

Many years ago my three children and I were nearly homeless. Child support wasn’t coming and I was too sick to work. In addition, no jobs paid enough to pay child care for three children under five. We went from … Continue reading

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The Holy Mission

Lilly Baker came from a Kentucky coal working family of thirteen and only went through the fourth grade, but as a child, she helped her mother care for others. At fifteen, she began working with a mountain nurse, and from … Continue reading

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Many years ago, I was a single parent with three children under five. I worked four part time jobs trying to support them. When I was unable to get child support and my child care fell through, I went on … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage

The divorced mother labors thirty-five weeks in a car wash for $7.65 an hour while her three children are cared for my an over-extended day care worker. At nights she cares for her sister’s two kids as well as her … Continue reading

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I waited on our front porch in Colorado everyday, willing the mailman to bring me my child support check. The trees where the starlings roosted hovered over the porch roof. I was a single mother with three young children, and … Continue reading

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We smelled the house before we reached it, a terrible stench of human waste and illness. The green, eight foot square house stood on tilted brick stilts. Rotten debris was piled under the base, and a thin, limping gray kitten … Continue reading

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Ten-Gallon Crock

The old woman with the booming voice clasped her hands under her heavy breasts. Light came in from the side window, outlining her expressive face. Behind her a cookie jar in the shape of a monk imitated her motion. As … Continue reading

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